Friday, 11 February 2011

Looking at titles

As i was having difficulty choosing where to place our credits, i decided to look at chick flicks and see where their titles are placed.

The titles to this opening are in a pink font, this represents the genre of the film, indicating to the audience that its main audience is girls. The use of the glitter effect also adds to this. The same font is used throughout the title sequence liking the title of the film together with the actors names and so on. The titles are not kept in the same place, they are spread around the screen, often in the space that isn't being used. They are placed over things we are not really meant to take interest in, keeping us focused on the main characters.

The titles to Made In Manhattan are very different to the ones in 13 going on 30. They are white in color and the use of two fonts gives it a sort of class. This seems as though it is aimed at both genders. Instead of scattering the credits around the page they have kept them in the centre and the bottom centre. As much as i like these titles i feel as though the 13 going on 30 titles will suit our opening more. Again the same fonts are used throughout.

There isn't much of a title sequence to this but i thought i'd include it anyway as its different to the others. The beginning of this film is very quirky with the small animation of the moving shapes. The font is pink, and placed in the centre. The title is broken up and a little star bounces near the bottom.

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