Monday, 2 May 2011

My role within the group

Initially we shared the roles between us, i was in charge of filming and editing and the girls took the other parts like costume, setting, producing and directing. I filmed and pieced together the first edit with input from the girls with what parts they liked the best. When we came to re-filming parts of our first cut, again i filmed and the girls gave input as to where they thought shots would look best.
As filming progressed and we were running short of time i showed Camilla the basics of cutting and piecing together the footage incase she wanted to come and edit some in her free time. As unable to make a filming date Bex and Camilla went out and filmed the bike scene again as this was one of our weaker areas.   They came back with some really nice footage which i put together and added onto the rest of our opening sequence.
As we couldn't quite make up our minds about what titles we liked the best we each took it in turns to edit and create titles. After producing a design for the main title for our film that i thought worked really well we focused on the other smaller titles. Bex, Camilla and yas worked on these producing ones with colour and then ones without. They chose the ones they thought best and added them into our opening sequence.
I was absent for a double lesson in which Camilla changed around the titles after recieving some feedback. She shortened the titles and changed the transitions to something more interesting. She also changed the title design and moved it to the end of the opening sequence, this acted as a closure.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

7. Looking back at the preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

We haven't needed to use any of the preliminary task yet- apart from the opening of a door- as our opening sequence hasn't required any of it. If we were to continue with our film, they would more than likely pop up. Being a Chick Flick there would be conversations and differences between characters in which the shot/ reverse shot would be perfect for. We do not need these shots in out opening sequence as the character doesn't come into contact with other characters.

We have however, used the match on action when opening the door, falling down the stairs and opening the curtains. Although these can be quite tricky to match, the final outcome is very effective.

I have learnt about the 180 rule that applies when two characters are having a conversation. It states the two characters or elements in the same scene must have the same left/right relationship to each other. for example, if the camera crosses the imaginary line it becomes a reverse angle and the scene looks odd.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project?

1- iTunes
We imported our soundtrack onto iTunes and then transferred it over to premiere.

2- Google
We collected images for research from this.

3- Garage Band 
Our soundtrack was created on this.

4- Blogger
We uploaded everything we did onto our blogs.

5- You Tube 
We used this when researching, we also uploaded all of our cuts onto this for feedback.

6- Facebook
We used this to communicate when planning filming.

The Macs had lots of programmes, many of which i'd never used before. The cameras and tripods were pretty straight forward and we didn't really have any problems with those as i'd used them before.

Adobe Premiere was the main programme we used. We learnt how to import and capture media off of the video cameras, how to cut footage and add in sound, as well as using all the transitions and sound effects. I had never exported media before so i learnt how to do this as well as uploading footage to youtube. 

Camilla used Garage Band when creating the soundtrack for our opening sequence. Camilla and Bex had created lyrics that told the story of Chandler. Camilla used ambient noises and artificial beats that were available when creating the track. After doing this she recorded herself rapping the lyrics and then changed the pitch of her voice to make it more comical. When she had created something she was happy with she exported the track into iTunes ready to use on the final piece. 

we used this website to decide in the rating of our film;

5. How did you attract/ address your audience?

4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

This is Billie Packer, she is 15 years old and lives in Broadstairs, Kent.
She isn't too bothered about her appearance, but likes to make an effort. Most of the time she dresses casually, jeans and t-shirts. She loves to shop and spend time with her friends and family, go to the cinema and read. Her favourite shops are River Island, New Look, H&M and Boots. 
She enjoys films like Mean Girls, Harry Potter, Legally Blonde, Sex and the City, Bridget Jones, Titanic and Love Actually. As well as seeing these at the cinema she also likes to buy them on DVD to watch at home with her friends. She also watches television programmes such as 90210, One Tree Hill, Friends, X Factor and Britain's Next Top Model. Her most popular channels would include E4, Channel 4 and ITV1. 
She likes to listen to music in the charts and regularly listens to Radio 1's chart show. She isn't really into ''dub-step'' or ''rock'' but prefers something she can sing along too. 
I think our film would appeal to Billie as she is quite stereotypical. She enjoys doing girlie things and spending time with her friends, therefore if this film was shown at her local cinema it may appeal to her as it is similar to some of her favourite films. 

3. How does your media project represent particular social groups?

We chose Bex for the Role of Chandler as we thought- although not a ''nerd'' in real life- she would portray the role the best and she is naturally quite outgoing and quirky herself. Some of our inspiration came from Ugly Betty- for example- the hair and the thick rimmed glasses. She is also able to throw together outfits which Chandler appears to do in the opening of our film. Other inspiration came from images of nerds and characters from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen 12 
Lola in the film COATDQ is not very popular and the girls that are popular tend to pick on her. Lola is able to stand up for herself and doesn't take things to heart. Chandler is also a target for the girls in her school that are more popular.

2. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

When creating our production logo we wanted something that was unique to us. We decided to combine our initials to make a title for ourselves. After a few different ideas we came up with the name ''BJuicy Productions''. Yasmin created our finished logo on Adobe, she added flowers and chose a font that represented our genre well. 

A production company is a company that is responsible for physical production of new media, performing arts, film, radio or a television program. They may also be responsible for raising or funding for the production. A production company that may produce our film could be Disney, as they have produced films like Ice Princess, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Although perhaps not the most suitable as the content won't be appropriate for the audience Disney aim for. Something more suitable would be Paramount Pictures as they have produced films such as The Prince and Me, She's Out of My League, Mean Girls and Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. 
A distributor is someone that is responsible for releasing films to the public either theatrically or for home viewing. Again paramount would be the most reliable as they have been going since 1912 and already have films in the making for 2015. 

Our production company is written at the very beginning of the sequence, backed on a black background. There are three main actors who's names have been written over moving footage of them, the text is white and clear and easy to read. Directors, Producers, Costume, Editing and Camera have also been written in this way but come before the actors. The same font has been used throughout. This helps link the opening titles together. 
The main influences for us have been Mean Girls; Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen; The Lizzie McGuire Movie, 13 Going on 30 and Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The Title of the Film.
The first frame shows our title, this is displayed at the end of the opening sequence. It has been produced on a black background, and the colours kept quirky to tie in with the rest of the film. The font used is.... with a gradient of pink to blue. We looked at the titles of films like, 13 going on 30, Mean Girls and The Ice Princess. These titles has something that fit in with the genre, and a theme that ran throughout the titles.

Setting/ Location.
I have chosen a shot of Chandler jumping across her bedroom for this frame. The reason i have done this is because it shows the character in the location she spends most of the opening sequence. Although she does venture outside i feel as though it is the shot in which we learn the most about Chandler.  The Lizzie Mc Guire Movie uses several shots similar to ours, this shot in particular shows the main character in her bedroom. We can tell from the props what kind of character she is, and by what she is doing and how she acts. This is something we wanted to create when setting up our opening scene.

Costume and Props.
I have chosen this particular shot for this as it shows Chandlers costume and her 'cereal cycle', one of the props that Chandler designed herself. It shows the audience that she is quirky and sees herself as a bit of an inventor. Costume and Props are a typical media convention and are present in every film. Here chandler is wearing a scarf, leotard, skirt and a coat. Her bike is a prop, as well as the cereal she has just filled the bowl up with. The majority of Chick Flicks rely heavily on the costumes and props to show different social groups and to progress the narrative.

Camera work and editing.
This frame shows the transition between chandler moving from one point in her bedroom to the other. The reason i chose this shot for camera work and editing is because we didn't use many different shots. The majority of our shots cut to one another, this gives us a professional finish. We wanted the audience to be able to follow the narrative, so kept the editing simple.

Title font and style. 
Our title is at the end of the opening sequence. The background fades from the final scene to a black screen where the title then appears. The colours have been kept within the Chick Flick genre. A simple font is common in chick flicks.

Story and how the opening sets it up. 
I have used the shot just after Chandler falls out of bed to represent this. I feel as though this sets the audience up for the rest of the film. We are shown the main character, in a surrounding that is personal to her. This sets the story up as we can see what kind of a character she is. She has just fallen out of bed, this also hints at her personality and could suggest that there will be a comic element to the film.

Genre and hoe the opening suggests it.
For this i have used an image of Chandler dancing in her bedroom. Again this shows the surrounding, they are typically pink, a colour that people associate most with a Chick Flick film. This shows the genre most as most Chick Flicks have scenes in the characters bedrooms. It is a place that represents the characters most as it has been decorated entirely to their taste.

How the characters are introduced.
Here i have shown how the ''popular girls'' have been introduced. The scene changes from Chandler to the girls arriving at school, and locking up the car. They are much more confident, and this hints at them being a little more popular and grown up than Chandler is. The medium show used shows the Characters in the location and allows the audience to see their costumes. Their posture is straight and their heads held high.
Characters in films like Mean Girls and 13 going on 30 are also introduced like this.

Special Effects.
Chick Flicks don't really require and special effects, so for this i used the transition shot again. I would class this as a special effect as it moves the character from one place to another, in an effective way.
Special effects are more common in action and sci-fi films.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Feedback- class members/ friends

Very entertaining, good elements of a chick flick.

Entertaining with stereotypical characters that represent your genre well. Ends with a point that would make me want to watch more.
I do think you could have put more thought into your titles, they're a bit bland.

Shot List

Shot 1: Medium shot of Bex lying in bed
Shot 2: Long Shot of Bex lying on the floor having fallen out of bed
Shot 3: Medium shot as the camera tracks Bex gets up off the floor and walks over to the light switch
Shot 4: Medium shot of Bex as she walks over to her ipod
Shot 5: Close up of her iPod as she presses play
Shot 6: The camera tracks Bex in a medium shot as she opens the curtains and picks up her clothes
Shot 7: Another medium shot as Bex hops across the screen
Shot 8: As she hops the other way
Shot 9: Medium shot as Bex dances around in her room
Shot 10: Medium shot of Bex as she darts out of her bedroom
Shot 11: Medium Long shot of Bex a she runs out of her room and skids along the hallway
Shot 12: Long shot into a medium close up of Bex skidding down the stairs
Shot 13: Medium shot of Bex as she grabs cereal and runs out the door
Shot 14: Medium shot of Bex from the other side as she does this
Shot 15: Medium close up of Bex's legs as she hops onto her bike
Shot 16: Medium shot as she pours the cereal into her bowl
Shot 17: Close up of a puddle as she rides through it
Shot 18: High Angles Long shot of Bex riding her bike, the camera tracks her as she does so
Shot 19: Medium long shot of Bex, again she is riding her bike
Shot 20: Medium shot tracks Bex as she attempts to blow up her tires and then stand up again
Shot 21: Medium shot into a long shot of the ''popular girls'' walking into school, the camera tracks them as they do so
Shot 22: medium shot of Bex with the other girls just in view

Analysing own title fonts

Here are a few of the texts available on Premiere. We played around with the texts available until we came up with things we thought suitable. Some of our finished pieces can be found below.

Here is the title for our film. We have used the font Bell Gothic Std, the text itself is white and has a pink shadow to it. The font size is 51. 
I think this text and colour combination works well and matches the genre of our film. The pink glow informs the audience that the film they are about to see has a girlie element to it. 

Camilla went back into our film and changed the titles to something she thought more suitable.
The font- Adobe Casino Pro, size- 179 and has been made bold. The colour combination is representative of our genre.

Here are the fonts that the other girls have picked  out for our credits. They have chosen to use the title font and use of shadowing, this helps the credits flow, it shows that they are linked. I like the use of the pink text and it stands out against the background.

Again, Camilla played around with the fonts a little more until she has something she thought suitable. The font is Adobe Casino Pro tying in with our title. It links the two together. The size of this font changes throughout. The colour white allows it to stand out of most of the backgrounds it is placed.

Here is our final production logo that Yasmin made.

Finalising the production logo

As we had created so many different production logo's we needed to pick our favourite.

Working on the project

Here we are editing our footage.

Order of Credits

''BJCY productions''


Produced by
Yasmin Stageman

Directed by
Jessica Oxley

Camera and Editing
Jessica Oxley and Camilla Gill

Camilla Gill and Rebecca Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds as Chandler

Yasmin Stageman as Brooke and Camilla Gill as Bailey


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fourth cut

Our fourth cut contains the new footage that Bex and Camilla filmed taking on board the feedback from Miss Stone. We replaced the old bike scene with the new one. We have also added in appropriate sound effects and transitions we thought suitable. We will now continue to play around with the titles until we get something we are happy with.

Miss Stone felt as though we should extend our opening so that you get to know more about Chandler as a character and the way the other girls react to her. She said it is clear that Chandler is trying to impress but we are not sure how other girls take her.
The girls plan to film the extra footage on Wednesday 6th April. 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Third Cut

Camilla, Bex and Yaz tried out the timing of the bike scene by adding in the original footage. This gave us a rough idea as to when the track would finish and determined whether or not we would need to add in any extra footage of Chandler dancing. We do not need to add any extra footage as long as we fill the gap with new ''bike scene''

Continuity Task

Match on action. 
Match on action is where you connect two clips together following the same movement. It can be tricky to edit as you have to make sure the match is perfect otherwise you will have the door opening twice. 

Shot Reverse shot.
This kind of edit can be used to show a conversation/ interaction between two characters. It allows you to see who the characters are speaking to. 

Overall i think that Yas, Camilla and I edited our footage well. I filmed and then the girls edited.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Final Script

Scene 1
Long shot of chandler in bed as she sleeps, she rolls over and falls out of her bed. The camera stays where is is but follows her as she goes to turn on the light. Medium shot of Chandler as she approaches her iPod. As Chandler presses play the camera cuts to a close up of the iPod and the track begins to play over the top. The camera then cuts to a long shot of Chandler opening the curtains. The camera cuts to another part of the room as Chandler picks up her clothes. Chandler begins to get undressed, as she throws away her pajama top the screen fades into her hopping across the screen trying to put on her socks. The camera remains in a mid shot as she hops both ways. 
The camera then cuts again to Chandler dancing in the middle of the room. She is dancing like a robot in time to the music. She begins to spin round and in result of this she falls to the floor. The camera cuts to floor level and it is here that Chandler realizes she is late.
Chandler then runs out of her bedroom skidding out of the door, she then runs down the stairs falling over on her way.
The camera cuts to outside her house and Chandler runs out the front door. The camera tracks her as she climbs on her bike. The camera cuts again to a mid shot of Chandler as she fills up the bowl with cereal. She goes to take a mouthful before she rides off.
There is a long shot of Chandler as she rides away.

                                                Scene 2
The camera then cuts to a long shot of the girls supposedly getting out a car. The camera tracks them walking up to school and we see Chandler running up to join them. The popular girls flick their hair and Chandler tries to mimic them. 

Hey girls!

Problems we faced/ what went well #2

We managed to get the tripod for our second shoot. I'm pleased with the shots we produced as they are much more steady. The footage was also a little easier to edit as i wasn't trying to fit it around a ready made song. It was also easier as we were able to learn from the first shoot, and i knew what we needed to film in order to make the editing easier.

We planned to film Chandler arriving to school one week but were unable to as members of the group were absent from school. We did manage to film them a couple of weeks afterwards but had to change the script a little. As we were unable to get the bike that Chandler originally rode to school we decided to just have her joining the girls, who appeared to be getting out of a car that was already in the car park.
When piecing together the new footage i was worried that there wouldn't be enough to fill the 2 minute period that was needed. If this does happen to be that case then i will go back to earlier footage and add more of Chandler dancing at the beginning. 

Whilst i continued with my blog Camilla, Bex and Yaz tried out the timing of the bike scene by adding in the original footage. This gave us a rough idea as to when the track would finish and determined whether or not we would need to add in any extra footage of Chandler dancing. We do not need to add any extra footage as long as we fill the gap with new ''bike scene'' footage. 

We showed the edit that we have so far to Mrs Stone, who said the beginning ran nicely, with good elements of a chick flick. When it got to the bike scene she said it wasn't as comical as the first half, and that we'd need to think about re-shooting for it to match the rest. She also commented on the colour change on one of the outside shots, so this would need to be re filmed too. 

All members of the group contributed when filming, either by setting up the shots, saying where they thought they'd look best, commenting on camera angles and removing items from the set that they thought inappropriate. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Audience Research Feedback

I handed out a questionnaire to 4 girls and 4 boys.
The questionnaire can be found here:

Most Popular Genres:
rom-com and chickflick
Comedy and Sci-Fi

The most popular age:
16-20 with one 10-15
16-20 with one 10-15

Watched? Own? Would choose to watch?
All had watched a chick flick, own a chick flick and would choose to see a chick flick.
All but one said to have watched a hick flick, and all of them own one whether it be their or a member of their family's.

The most popular characters:
Emo, geeks, popular girls and jocks.
Popular Girls

Issues that were expected in a Chick Flick:
  • Upset and drama
  • Typical school life
  • Romance struggle
  • Clashes between social groups
  • Issues are often resolved at the end

  • Sex, drinking and drugs.
  • Relationship issues
  • Friendship issues

This research helped us decide on what certificate our film should be. Considering there was only one candidate who was between the ages 10-15 it would be silly for us to rate it a 12. We feel as though a rating of 15 would be more appropriate.
It also helped us on who to base our characters around. All candidates expected there to be popular girls and some form of a geek. Our characters fit well into their choices as we have two popular girls, and Chandler, who is suppose to be seen as the school geek. The issues raised in our opening sequence (conflict between social groups, and drama) also matches their answers.

Filming Schedule #3

Wednesday 9th March

Today we planned to film the rest of the shots. We had to change our idea as we didn't have the bike that Chandler rode to school on or a car for the popular girls to get out of. 
We managed to get the rest of the filming done, and will spend the rest of the week editing it and adding it to what we have so far. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Analysing title sequences

Dawn of the Dead (

Text is red in colour, bold, and has been capitalized. The timing of the credits is fast paced, this fits the genre well. In between news bulletins the credits are flashed, they are placed on a black screen making the red stand out a little more. When the credits disappear they have a kind of blood transition. They splatter off the screen, accompanied by a sound that mimics the splatter of blood. It is uncomfortable for the audience, but we are quickly drawn back into whats happening on the news. Once the music has started and after it has picked up the credits have more of a rhythm about them. The images displayed between the credits are cut very fast, displaying lots of different clips one after another.

Panic Room (

The text is white, and very formal looking. The credits are placed over a series of still images of the city. They have been incorporated into the scenes, often following the shapes of the buildings. Some of the images are panned around, but there is no movement, apart from perhaps the moving cars in the distance. The credits aren't fast cut like Dawn of the Dead. They are left on the screen for a longer period of time. The music begins very soft, but builds up to a beat. The credits don't seem to fit around this beat.

Juno (

The music starts almost straight away, the image of the girl walking changes into something more sketchy and comic book like. The text is also sketchy and slightly animated. The settings also look as though they have been hand drawn. It has a very animated feel to it. The music is fast paced, but the credits don't seem to have been made to fit in with the music. The credits are evenly spaced out.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Here is the track that has been created for our opening sequence.
The lyrics can be found here: 


Both cuts were uploaded to youtube, for feedback. We will use the comments we get to improve.

The first is uploaded to Yas' youtube account
The second is uploaded to Jess' youtube account

As neither video's received any feedback, we had to think of another way to gain some. We decided to ask some other members of the class what they thought worked well and which elements they thought needed improving.

Second Cut

This is our second cut so far. Using the track that Camilla and Bex made along with the new footage.

Using my research on titles i played around with ours, until i had something that i liked, and that was a little more interesting.

We have uploaded our first cut and the second cut so far, onto youtube for feedback. 

Friday, 11 February 2011

Looking at titles

As i was having difficulty choosing where to place our credits, i decided to look at chick flicks and see where their titles are placed.

The titles to this opening are in a pink font, this represents the genre of the film, indicating to the audience that its main audience is girls. The use of the glitter effect also adds to this. The same font is used throughout the title sequence liking the title of the film together with the actors names and so on. The titles are not kept in the same place, they are spread around the screen, often in the space that isn't being used. They are placed over things we are not really meant to take interest in, keeping us focused on the main characters.

The titles to Made In Manhattan are very different to the ones in 13 going on 30. They are white in color and the use of two fonts gives it a sort of class. This seems as though it is aimed at both genders. Instead of scattering the credits around the page they have kept them in the centre and the bottom centre. As much as i like these titles i feel as though the 13 going on 30 titles will suit our opening more. Again the same fonts are used throughout.

There isn't much of a title sequence to this but i thought i'd include it anyway as its different to the others. The beginning of this film is very quirky with the small animation of the moving shapes. The font is pink, and placed in the centre. The title is broken up and a little star bounces near the bottom.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Audience research questionnaire.

I made a questionnaire to hand out to the rest of my class. This will help me determine what our target audience will be and what kinds of people watch chick flicks. I will also be able to see what kinds of things/people others expects to see in our opening.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Filming Schedule #2

Saturday 5th February
The plan today was to complete the second set of bedroom shots, using the new soundtrack.
We completed the bedroom shots, and began editing the following week.

Wednesday 9th February
We want to try and get the rest of the shots done today, We need to film the bike ride to school, and the scene where Chandler arrives along with the popular girls. 
We were unable to film as two members of the group were absent, instead we continued to edit the new footage.

Alterations to script

The script was re-written due to the change of song. 

Scene 1
Chandler is asleep in bed she rolls over and falls out of her bed. She gets up switches on teh light then puts a song on her ipod. there is a close up of the ipod playing. she then opens her curtains and grabs her clothes. Chandler is dancing in her room whilst singing and listening to the song me and camilla made.We see mid shots, high angle shots and low angle shots to see every point of view of her dancing. Chandler is dancing in her pajamas.
The camera cuts again to a mid shot and Chandler hops across the screen as she attempts to put on her socks. She then hops the other was as she puts the other sock on. The camera remains where it is as it waits for her to cross the screen again.
The camera cuts again to another point in the bedroom, still focusing on chandler. This time she is pulling on a jumper over her t-shirt. She is having difficulty. The song remains to play.
Another mid shot of chandler as she does the button up on her trousers. She is stood by the bed post which has a scarf placed on it. Once the button is done up there is a close up of the bed post as Chandlers had grabs the scarf. Its quick. Another close up of Chandlers neck as the scarf is wrapped around. Chandler positions herself infront of the mirror again as she holds up earings to see what they'd look like. Her head is bobbing in time to the music.
Chandler is looking in the mirror the camera is above her shoulder so we can see her refelction. . Chandler falls on the floor very dramatically, knocking over things in her room while she falls.
Chandler see's her watch and realizes she is late for school, we see an extreme close up of her watch..
Chandler then runs out of her bedroom  skidding out of the door she then runs down the stairs. while she is running she falls down the steps. into the kitchen a tracking shot of to get some cereal and milk to refill her breakfast bike.

  SARA: Oh darling you look positively radiant. Don't  let anyone tell you otherwise

 Chandler leaves her house catching her cardigan in the door as she walks her cardigan rips off. Chandler begins to put on her protective gear and fills up her breakfast bike and puts on her rucksack. As she gets on her bike Ridin Dirty begins to play. The screen pauses and as 'they see me rolling' begins to play we are bought back to Chandler who is riding her bike. This is slow motion and chandler is trying to be sexy. Still in slow motion Chandler pours the cereal into the bowl strapped to the front of her bike, she does this using over exaggerated movements. Chandler now pours the milk ontop, again with big movements. She whips out a spoon from behind her ear and goes to take a mouthful.
The camera uses a tracking shot  follow Chandler on her way to school. Chandler arrives at school as the popular girls are getting out of there car. Ridin dirty is still playing in the background as the popular girls pull up the music is no longer in the background and is being played in their car radio this turns off as the girls get out of the car. all three girls are walking along and swish their hair at the same time

CHANDLER: Oh hey gurrls you look super nice hot today!!

The "BFF BBZ" both look at each other

 Brooke: oh hey bbz you look so good today you should  totally ask out Brad he would toally say yes.

Brad is the school heartthrob. As Brooke is talking to Chandler Bailey pushes chandler into Alan Smithe, the school geek as he walks past.

ALAN SMITHE: oh! (alan laughs nervously trying not to make eye contact) Hey you look really nice today!

CHANDLER: EWWW, ALAN SMITHE! I'm like way out of your league. people cant see us speaking.


Alan gets very flustered and walks/runs off. Chandler walks into school completely oblivious that she is the geek. 

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Creating our own track

As unable to use songs already out there, Camilla and Bex began to write a song. And are now compoaing a track using garage band.
The lyrics are below.

Verse one
Its the morning and im ready to go
Check me out im real sexy yo yo

Bailey and brooke aint got nothing on me
and when i roll past the boys they fall for me

ooo living life as me
oooo live life so dangerously

Verse two
i got my breakfast bowl and im ready to roll
ah dude its such a beautiful day
as i cruise past the neighbours they all wave and say hay

but bitches at school they be hatin on me
i thinks its coz they just cant see
how god damn hot i can be

my name is C to the H to the AND the LER quick call the LPD yo

oo making noises
and making choices
i cant do this
i might lose it

check it one two three
just look at you and me
were cruising down the streets in our 50cc
a sitting and a listening on our mp3's
so bow bitch and get down on your knees.

Consideration of foley sounds

Foley sounds are added in post production to enhance the quality of audio for films. These are produced by a foley artist. Below I have looked at the sort of music used in chick flicks, this will help us when creating our own piece.

This song is used during Legally Blonde.

This song is used during Aquamarine.

Both these tracks are up beat and have lyrics that have perhaps been written for the characters. We want something that is up beat and really draws the audience in.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Problems we faced/ what went well

Originally our opening sequence was filmed around the track Barbie Girl by Aqua. We had to rethink how to film our opening as there were copyright issues by doing this. Camilla and Bex started to write a song for us to use in our opening sequence.
We were also unable to get hold of a tripod first time around, resulting in the camera being hand held and looking unprofessional.

When editing the new footage i found it difficult to cut it down, as there were elements that linked it together, but were not necessarily needed. We also seemed to be missing footage that i remember filming. This may be down to me not using the camera correctly. We will need to re-film the bits that we are missing, as some of it helps progress the narrative. 

First Cut

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Filming Schedule

Saturday 22 January
We plan to get the bedroom scene and the ride to school completed on this day. We are unable to film the girls arriving and at school as one of our group members couldn't make it. We have arranged another day to do this.

Wednesday 26th January
Today we plan to complete the scenes at school. Once we have completed this, we will be able to concentrate on editing our footage.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Weather forecast

Although the weather type was not a big issue for our film, we didn't want to be filming in the rain. As well as this, we had to make sure the weather was the same for the two days we planned to film. Otherwise shots would look odd, if for example it was grey one day and more sunny the other. 
We filmed on the Saturday- weather was grey. Avoided rain. 

The forecast for our next filming day- Wednesday- is suppose to be rainy, Depending on what the weather is like on the day we may have to change our filming dates so that the footage looks as though it been filmed on the same day.
We decided not to film on the Wednesday due to the weather. So we started to edit the footage we got from the Saturday before hand. 

Animated story board

Before we created our animated storyboard we decided to look at ones that had already been created. As neither of us had produced one before this will help us know what type of finished product we hope to achieve. It will also help us when choosing the shots. 

Here i have animated our storyboard so that we have a brief idea what the opening credits will look like.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Chandler- Bex Reynolds

This was our first costume idea for Chandler, we didn't feel as though it was quirky enough so played around with her clothes until we had something we liked. 

This is the costume we settled on for Chandler. It consisted of a floral patterned skirt, a blue velvet leotard and a cream cardigan. The mixture of fabrics and patterns creates the perfect quirky look that we were looking for. The bunches in her hair also contribute to this quirky nerd look. 

Bailey- Camilla Gill

This was our first costume idea for Bailey. Although it fit the 'popular girl' image, the weather was too chilly for Camilla to film in this outfit. So we picked something that still fit the image that was required but that allowed her to film in cold weather conditions. 

Here is the outfit we used when shooting the school scenes for the first time. Although a very relaxed jumper, the white makes it look that more ''stylish''. Camilla was also wearing a skirt that gave her the girly girl image that we were trying to create. This also would enable her to be outside when filming. We do however feel as though we could create something that fits her role better, so when shooting again we will try another outfit. 

Friday, 14 January 2011

Job roles

Directed by:
Jess Oxley

Produced By:
Yasmin Stageman

Camilla Gill
Bex Reynolds

Camera and Editing:
Jess Oxley
Camilla Gill

Bex Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds
Yasmin Stageman
Camilla Gill


Chandler is small in height, with brown hair. She is querky with the things she wears and her make up is subtle. She is seventeen years old, and aspires to become popular and famous. She likes to invent things and this is how she plans to get there. She owns a decent sized house as her father is an accountant. She is in 6th form studying Science, history and maths. She is forgetful which is clear right from the beginning as she forgets that it is tab day. She likes doing homework, reading and watching vampire diaries.
Chandler is classed as a ''nerd'' at school as she enjoys her work. Her hair is tied in bunches indicating the little child inside her. We wanted these characteristics in Chandler to represent the stereotypical nerd. Audiences should be able to relate to her, as there is often this character in many schools. Chandler will not be wearing any make up as this would make her look older, and we want her to look as young, and fresh as possible.

Brooke has long blonde hair, which is neatly kept. Her favourite colour is pink and she keeps up with the fashion trends. Her make up is subtle but she like a bright lipstick. She comes from a wealthy family as her father is a politician. She is an only child. She isn't the brightest person, but she is not stupid. She tends to judge people without getting to know them, and she is the leader of the two.

Bailey has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She also has a good sense of style and is very into accessories. She wears various necklaces and bracelets, along with sun glasses and scarves. bailey was adopted when she was very young, so she never knew her real parents. This makes her character very understanding, and she often listens to what people have to say. She feels the need to fit in so follows Brooke and Bella around.

Sally is Chandlers mum, she is very laid back and as chandler is her only daughter she still gets treated like a little girl. Her mum works as a cleaner in the hospital but is determined to be promoted to a nurse, as she would love to save peoples lives.

Edward is Chandlers dad, he is an accountant and earns a lot of money, providing Chandler and her mum with a decent sized house. The pair try not to spoil Chandler, and this is why she is like she is. Not part of the popular group as she doesn't ask for much, and money is not an issue to her. The father is smart and intelligent looking. His long life ambition was to make it as a pop star, but he never made it.

Alan is the school nerd, he is a very self concious character and avoids confrontation at all costs. He is well presented, wearing a shirt and tie, along with a smart pair of glasses and big round glasses. He lives with his mum and dad in a good sized house. Both his parents have regular jobs. His favourite hobbies include; reading, computer gaming, chess and family holidays to the country.

Brad is the school heart throb. He is gorgeous looking with blonde hair and blue eys. he is also smartly dressed, but there is a ''cool'' edge to his style. He also lives with his parents but has a younger sister. They live in a large house, and his parents are both personal trainers. Brads hobbies include; tennis, golf, music and skiing. He is very confident and likes being centre of attention when it comes to the girls.

Due to a change in the storyline, Chandlers parents- Sally and Edward- are no longer needed.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


The bedroom scene will be filmed at Camilla's house.

We chose this room because it looked typically girlie, and as though it was for a younger girl. We wanted the room to reflect Chandlers personality, making her seem younger than she actually is and a bit of a mummy's girl. The pink decoration and the props that are lying about definitely add to this.

The riding of the bike will be filmed on the way to school from Camilla's house.


When the characters pull into school we will use the front of the school for this.

We decided to use the front of the school for this as it would be most realistic. We needed an environment that was very school like, something traditional. This works well as there was no need to change any of the scenery. Signs that may appear in shots will be appropriate, as the characters are suppose to be arriving at school.