Monday, 14 March 2011

Problems we faced/ what went well #2

We managed to get the tripod for our second shoot. I'm pleased with the shots we produced as they are much more steady. The footage was also a little easier to edit as i wasn't trying to fit it around a ready made song. It was also easier as we were able to learn from the first shoot, and i knew what we needed to film in order to make the editing easier.

We planned to film Chandler arriving to school one week but were unable to as members of the group were absent from school. We did manage to film them a couple of weeks afterwards but had to change the script a little. As we were unable to get the bike that Chandler originally rode to school we decided to just have her joining the girls, who appeared to be getting out of a car that was already in the car park.
When piecing together the new footage i was worried that there wouldn't be enough to fill the 2 minute period that was needed. If this does happen to be that case then i will go back to earlier footage and add more of Chandler dancing at the beginning. 

Whilst i continued with my blog Camilla, Bex and Yaz tried out the timing of the bike scene by adding in the original footage. This gave us a rough idea as to when the track would finish and determined whether or not we would need to add in any extra footage of Chandler dancing. We do not need to add any extra footage as long as we fill the gap with new ''bike scene'' footage. 

We showed the edit that we have so far to Mrs Stone, who said the beginning ran nicely, with good elements of a chick flick. When it got to the bike scene she said it wasn't as comical as the first half, and that we'd need to think about re-shooting for it to match the rest. She also commented on the colour change on one of the outside shots, so this would need to be re filmed too. 

All members of the group contributed when filming, either by setting up the shots, saying where they thought they'd look best, commenting on camera angles and removing items from the set that they thought inappropriate. 

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