Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fourth cut

Our fourth cut contains the new footage that Bex and Camilla filmed taking on board the feedback from Miss Stone. We replaced the old bike scene with the new one. We have also added in appropriate sound effects and transitions we thought suitable. We will now continue to play around with the titles until we get something we are happy with.

Miss Stone felt as though we should extend our opening so that you get to know more about Chandler as a character and the way the other girls react to her. She said it is clear that Chandler is trying to impress but we are not sure how other girls take her.
The girls plan to film the extra footage on Wednesday 6th April. 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Third Cut

Camilla, Bex and Yaz tried out the timing of the bike scene by adding in the original footage. This gave us a rough idea as to when the track would finish and determined whether or not we would need to add in any extra footage of Chandler dancing. We do not need to add any extra footage as long as we fill the gap with new ''bike scene''

Continuity Task

Match on action. 
Match on action is where you connect two clips together following the same movement. It can be tricky to edit as you have to make sure the match is perfect otherwise you will have the door opening twice. 

Shot Reverse shot.
This kind of edit can be used to show a conversation/ interaction between two characters. It allows you to see who the characters are speaking to. 

Overall i think that Yas, Camilla and I edited our footage well. I filmed and then the girls edited.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Final Script

Scene 1
Long shot of chandler in bed as she sleeps, she rolls over and falls out of her bed. The camera stays where is is but follows her as she goes to turn on the light. Medium shot of Chandler as she approaches her iPod. As Chandler presses play the camera cuts to a close up of the iPod and the track begins to play over the top. The camera then cuts to a long shot of Chandler opening the curtains. The camera cuts to another part of the room as Chandler picks up her clothes. Chandler begins to get undressed, as she throws away her pajama top the screen fades into her hopping across the screen trying to put on her socks. The camera remains in a mid shot as she hops both ways. 
The camera then cuts again to Chandler dancing in the middle of the room. She is dancing like a robot in time to the music. She begins to spin round and in result of this she falls to the floor. The camera cuts to floor level and it is here that Chandler realizes she is late.
Chandler then runs out of her bedroom skidding out of the door, she then runs down the stairs falling over on her way.
The camera cuts to outside her house and Chandler runs out the front door. The camera tracks her as she climbs on her bike. The camera cuts again to a mid shot of Chandler as she fills up the bowl with cereal. She goes to take a mouthful before she rides off.
There is a long shot of Chandler as she rides away.

                                                Scene 2
The camera then cuts to a long shot of the girls supposedly getting out a car. The camera tracks them walking up to school and we see Chandler running up to join them. The popular girls flick their hair and Chandler tries to mimic them. 

Hey girls!

Problems we faced/ what went well #2

We managed to get the tripod for our second shoot. I'm pleased with the shots we produced as they are much more steady. The footage was also a little easier to edit as i wasn't trying to fit it around a ready made song. It was also easier as we were able to learn from the first shoot, and i knew what we needed to film in order to make the editing easier.

We planned to film Chandler arriving to school one week but were unable to as members of the group were absent from school. We did manage to film them a couple of weeks afterwards but had to change the script a little. As we were unable to get the bike that Chandler originally rode to school we decided to just have her joining the girls, who appeared to be getting out of a car that was already in the car park.
When piecing together the new footage i was worried that there wouldn't be enough to fill the 2 minute period that was needed. If this does happen to be that case then i will go back to earlier footage and add more of Chandler dancing at the beginning. 

Whilst i continued with my blog Camilla, Bex and Yaz tried out the timing of the bike scene by adding in the original footage. This gave us a rough idea as to when the track would finish and determined whether or not we would need to add in any extra footage of Chandler dancing. We do not need to add any extra footage as long as we fill the gap with new ''bike scene'' footage. 

We showed the edit that we have so far to Mrs Stone, who said the beginning ran nicely, with good elements of a chick flick. When it got to the bike scene she said it wasn't as comical as the first half, and that we'd need to think about re-shooting for it to match the rest. She also commented on the colour change on one of the outside shots, so this would need to be re filmed too. 

All members of the group contributed when filming, either by setting up the shots, saying where they thought they'd look best, commenting on camera angles and removing items from the set that they thought inappropriate. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Audience Research Feedback

I handed out a questionnaire to 4 girls and 4 boys.
The questionnaire can be found here:

Most Popular Genres:
rom-com and chickflick
Comedy and Sci-Fi

The most popular age:
16-20 with one 10-15
16-20 with one 10-15

Watched? Own? Would choose to watch?
All had watched a chick flick, own a chick flick and would choose to see a chick flick.
All but one said to have watched a hick flick, and all of them own one whether it be their or a member of their family's.

The most popular characters:
Emo, geeks, popular girls and jocks.
Popular Girls

Issues that were expected in a Chick Flick:
  • Upset and drama
  • Typical school life
  • Romance struggle
  • Clashes between social groups
  • Issues are often resolved at the end

  • Sex, drinking and drugs.
  • Relationship issues
  • Friendship issues

This research helped us decide on what certificate our film should be. Considering there was only one candidate who was between the ages 10-15 it would be silly for us to rate it a 12. We feel as though a rating of 15 would be more appropriate.
It also helped us on who to base our characters around. All candidates expected there to be popular girls and some form of a geek. Our characters fit well into their choices as we have two popular girls, and Chandler, who is suppose to be seen as the school geek. The issues raised in our opening sequence (conflict between social groups, and drama) also matches their answers.

Filming Schedule #3

Wednesday 9th March

Today we planned to film the rest of the shots. We had to change our idea as we didn't have the bike that Chandler rode to school on or a car for the popular girls to get out of. 
We managed to get the rest of the filming done, and will spend the rest of the week editing it and adding it to what we have so far. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Analysing title sequences

Dawn of the Dead (

Text is red in colour, bold, and has been capitalized. The timing of the credits is fast paced, this fits the genre well. In between news bulletins the credits are flashed, they are placed on a black screen making the red stand out a little more. When the credits disappear they have a kind of blood transition. They splatter off the screen, accompanied by a sound that mimics the splatter of blood. It is uncomfortable for the audience, but we are quickly drawn back into whats happening on the news. Once the music has started and after it has picked up the credits have more of a rhythm about them. The images displayed between the credits are cut very fast, displaying lots of different clips one after another.

Panic Room (

The text is white, and very formal looking. The credits are placed over a series of still images of the city. They have been incorporated into the scenes, often following the shapes of the buildings. Some of the images are panned around, but there is no movement, apart from perhaps the moving cars in the distance. The credits aren't fast cut like Dawn of the Dead. They are left on the screen for a longer period of time. The music begins very soft, but builds up to a beat. The credits don't seem to fit around this beat.

Juno (

The music starts almost straight away, the image of the girl walking changes into something more sketchy and comic book like. The text is also sketchy and slightly animated. The settings also look as though they have been hand drawn. It has a very animated feel to it. The music is fast paced, but the credits don't seem to have been made to fit in with the music. The credits are evenly spaced out.