Monday, 14 March 2011

Final Script

Scene 1
Long shot of chandler in bed as she sleeps, she rolls over and falls out of her bed. The camera stays where is is but follows her as she goes to turn on the light. Medium shot of Chandler as she approaches her iPod. As Chandler presses play the camera cuts to a close up of the iPod and the track begins to play over the top. The camera then cuts to a long shot of Chandler opening the curtains. The camera cuts to another part of the room as Chandler picks up her clothes. Chandler begins to get undressed, as she throws away her pajama top the screen fades into her hopping across the screen trying to put on her socks. The camera remains in a mid shot as she hops both ways. 
The camera then cuts again to Chandler dancing in the middle of the room. She is dancing like a robot in time to the music. She begins to spin round and in result of this she falls to the floor. The camera cuts to floor level and it is here that Chandler realizes she is late.
Chandler then runs out of her bedroom skidding out of the door, she then runs down the stairs falling over on her way.
The camera cuts to outside her house and Chandler runs out the front door. The camera tracks her as she climbs on her bike. The camera cuts again to a mid shot of Chandler as she fills up the bowl with cereal. She goes to take a mouthful before she rides off.
There is a long shot of Chandler as she rides away.

                                                Scene 2
The camera then cuts to a long shot of the girls supposedly getting out a car. The camera tracks them walking up to school and we see Chandler running up to join them. The popular girls flick their hair and Chandler tries to mimic them. 

Hey girls!

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