Sunday, 30 January 2011

Creating our own track

As unable to use songs already out there, Camilla and Bex began to write a song. And are now compoaing a track using garage band.
The lyrics are below.

Verse one
Its the morning and im ready to go
Check me out im real sexy yo yo

Bailey and brooke aint got nothing on me
and when i roll past the boys they fall for me

ooo living life as me
oooo live life so dangerously

Verse two
i got my breakfast bowl and im ready to roll
ah dude its such a beautiful day
as i cruise past the neighbours they all wave and say hay

but bitches at school they be hatin on me
i thinks its coz they just cant see
how god damn hot i can be

my name is C to the H to the AND the LER quick call the LPD yo

oo making noises
and making choices
i cant do this
i might lose it

check it one two three
just look at you and me
were cruising down the streets in our 50cc
a sitting and a listening on our mp3's
so bow bitch and get down on your knees.

Consideration of foley sounds

Foley sounds are added in post production to enhance the quality of audio for films. These are produced by a foley artist. Below I have looked at the sort of music used in chick flicks, this will help us when creating our own piece.

This song is used during Legally Blonde.

This song is used during Aquamarine.

Both these tracks are up beat and have lyrics that have perhaps been written for the characters. We want something that is up beat and really draws the audience in.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Problems we faced/ what went well

Originally our opening sequence was filmed around the track Barbie Girl by Aqua. We had to rethink how to film our opening as there were copyright issues by doing this. Camilla and Bex started to write a song for us to use in our opening sequence.
We were also unable to get hold of a tripod first time around, resulting in the camera being hand held and looking unprofessional.

When editing the new footage i found it difficult to cut it down, as there were elements that linked it together, but were not necessarily needed. We also seemed to be missing footage that i remember filming. This may be down to me not using the camera correctly. We will need to re-film the bits that we are missing, as some of it helps progress the narrative. 

First Cut

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Filming Schedule

Saturday 22 January
We plan to get the bedroom scene and the ride to school completed on this day. We are unable to film the girls arriving and at school as one of our group members couldn't make it. We have arranged another day to do this.

Wednesday 26th January
Today we plan to complete the scenes at school. Once we have completed this, we will be able to concentrate on editing our footage.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Weather forecast

Although the weather type was not a big issue for our film, we didn't want to be filming in the rain. As well as this, we had to make sure the weather was the same for the two days we planned to film. Otherwise shots would look odd, if for example it was grey one day and more sunny the other. 
We filmed on the Saturday- weather was grey. Avoided rain. 

The forecast for our next filming day- Wednesday- is suppose to be rainy, Depending on what the weather is like on the day we may have to change our filming dates so that the footage looks as though it been filmed on the same day.
We decided not to film on the Wednesday due to the weather. So we started to edit the footage we got from the Saturday before hand. 

Animated story board

Before we created our animated storyboard we decided to look at ones that had already been created. As neither of us had produced one before this will help us know what type of finished product we hope to achieve. It will also help us when choosing the shots. 

Here i have animated our storyboard so that we have a brief idea what the opening credits will look like.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Chandler- Bex Reynolds

This was our first costume idea for Chandler, we didn't feel as though it was quirky enough so played around with her clothes until we had something we liked. 

This is the costume we settled on for Chandler. It consisted of a floral patterned skirt, a blue velvet leotard and a cream cardigan. The mixture of fabrics and patterns creates the perfect quirky look that we were looking for. The bunches in her hair also contribute to this quirky nerd look. 

Bailey- Camilla Gill

This was our first costume idea for Bailey. Although it fit the 'popular girl' image, the weather was too chilly for Camilla to film in this outfit. So we picked something that still fit the image that was required but that allowed her to film in cold weather conditions. 

Here is the outfit we used when shooting the school scenes for the first time. Although a very relaxed jumper, the white makes it look that more ''stylish''. Camilla was also wearing a skirt that gave her the girly girl image that we were trying to create. This also would enable her to be outside when filming. We do however feel as though we could create something that fits her role better, so when shooting again we will try another outfit. 

Friday, 14 January 2011

Job roles

Directed by:
Jess Oxley

Produced By:
Yasmin Stageman

Camilla Gill
Bex Reynolds

Camera and Editing:
Jess Oxley
Camilla Gill

Bex Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds
Yasmin Stageman
Camilla Gill


Chandler is small in height, with brown hair. She is querky with the things she wears and her make up is subtle. She is seventeen years old, and aspires to become popular and famous. She likes to invent things and this is how she plans to get there. She owns a decent sized house as her father is an accountant. She is in 6th form studying Science, history and maths. She is forgetful which is clear right from the beginning as she forgets that it is tab day. She likes doing homework, reading and watching vampire diaries.
Chandler is classed as a ''nerd'' at school as she enjoys her work. Her hair is tied in bunches indicating the little child inside her. We wanted these characteristics in Chandler to represent the stereotypical nerd. Audiences should be able to relate to her, as there is often this character in many schools. Chandler will not be wearing any make up as this would make her look older, and we want her to look as young, and fresh as possible.

Brooke has long blonde hair, which is neatly kept. Her favourite colour is pink and she keeps up with the fashion trends. Her make up is subtle but she like a bright lipstick. She comes from a wealthy family as her father is a politician. She is an only child. She isn't the brightest person, but she is not stupid. She tends to judge people without getting to know them, and she is the leader of the two.

Bailey has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She also has a good sense of style and is very into accessories. She wears various necklaces and bracelets, along with sun glasses and scarves. bailey was adopted when she was very young, so she never knew her real parents. This makes her character very understanding, and she often listens to what people have to say. She feels the need to fit in so follows Brooke and Bella around.

Sally is Chandlers mum, she is very laid back and as chandler is her only daughter she still gets treated like a little girl. Her mum works as a cleaner in the hospital but is determined to be promoted to a nurse, as she would love to save peoples lives.

Edward is Chandlers dad, he is an accountant and earns a lot of money, providing Chandler and her mum with a decent sized house. The pair try not to spoil Chandler, and this is why she is like she is. Not part of the popular group as she doesn't ask for much, and money is not an issue to her. The father is smart and intelligent looking. His long life ambition was to make it as a pop star, but he never made it.

Alan is the school nerd, he is a very self concious character and avoids confrontation at all costs. He is well presented, wearing a shirt and tie, along with a smart pair of glasses and big round glasses. He lives with his mum and dad in a good sized house. Both his parents have regular jobs. His favourite hobbies include; reading, computer gaming, chess and family holidays to the country.

Brad is the school heart throb. He is gorgeous looking with blonde hair and blue eys. he is also smartly dressed, but there is a ''cool'' edge to his style. He also lives with his parents but has a younger sister. They live in a large house, and his parents are both personal trainers. Brads hobbies include; tennis, golf, music and skiing. He is very confident and likes being centre of attention when it comes to the girls.

Due to a change in the storyline, Chandlers parents- Sally and Edward- are no longer needed.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


The bedroom scene will be filmed at Camilla's house.

We chose this room because it looked typically girlie, and as though it was for a younger girl. We wanted the room to reflect Chandlers personality, making her seem younger than she actually is and a bit of a mummy's girl. The pink decoration and the props that are lying about definitely add to this.

The riding of the bike will be filmed on the way to school from Camilla's house.


When the characters pull into school we will use the front of the school for this.

We decided to use the front of the school for this as it would be most realistic. We needed an environment that was very school like, something traditional. This works well as there was no need to change any of the scenery. Signs that may appear in shots will be appropriate, as the characters are suppose to be arriving at school.

Mood boards

I have chosen a picture of Katie Price for the popular girls at school. I have chosen this because she is somebody that the media represent as almost perfect looking. A lot of young girls aspire to look like her. We want the popular girls to look older for their age, fake tan, and make up will help us achieve this. The girls' personality is shown through their appearance. Girls who model them selves around barbie are often seen as dumb, and nasty people. I have taken a picture from mean girls because these are the same type of girls in our film. They are wearing short clothing, and they look different to everybody else, instantly making them a threat. They appear to be more superior to everybody else. We'd like our characters to look older than they actually are, these revealing clothes will make them look more confident, making them seem older. This gives the stereotypical girly girl image that many people find uncomfortable.

We like the idea of Chandler wearing her hair in bunches as it makes her look younger. With this kind of hairstyle she will probably be seen as uncool and a bit of an outcast. Chandler is however trying to break out of this social group. We feel as though the audience will relate to this character as most schools have this quiet character that loves school. We want Chandler to look traditional but smart, she is the type of character that doesn't want to get on the wrong side of the teachers so she dresses appropriately. She will not be wearing any make up as we want her to look young, and natural looking, compared to the other girls. Her hair is of natural colour as her mum will not let her dye it.

Chandlers mum is only seen for a short period of time. When she is, she is wearing a dressing gown. We want her mum to look mumsy. She still treats Chandler like a little girl, this is obvious due to Chandlers appearance. She is very caring, and laid back. 

Props- For the cereal bike sequence, we need an old looking bike, nothing too modern looking. The cereal we will use in golden nuggets, and she will have a carton of milk. We also need a bowl and a spoon. Once she has finished eating we thought that she could suck up the milk with a long straw- so we will need straws in which we will join together. As well as this we need a barbie lunch box. 

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Chandler is lying in bed, fast asleep. She turns over and falls out the bed.
The camera cuts to her lying on the floor.
Chandler opens her eyes focusing on something in front of her.
the camera cuts to the watch in front of her, becoming the most dominant part of the shot. this is where she realizes she is late for school. her expression is a little confused as she is still half asleep. It takes her a while to realize that she is late and when she does the look on her face becomes more panicked and she curses under her breath.

CHANDLER: 'shit'

immediately after she says this Aqua's Barbie girl begins to play.
(will the track play from the beginning or half way through the song?)
the scene changes to a mid shot of chandler doing a dance move across the camera. then to a mid shot of her facing the camera singing whilst twiddling her hair. she is still in her pajamas.

CHANDLER: (singing) 'you can touch, you can play..' (this line is 1 minute into the song)
the camera is behind chandlers shoulder as she looks into the mirror. we can see her reflection.

Chandler is clutching a hairbrush singing energetically in front of the mirror.

CHANDLER: 'im a barbie girl, in a barbie world, life in plastic, is fantastic

Chandler continues to dance in front of the mirror.

CHANDLER: (In a deep voice trying to mimic the male character in the video. Her forehead is crumpled as she puts on a male voice) 'come on barbie lets go party..'

The camera cuts again to a mid shot and Chandler hops across the screen as she attempts to put on her socks. She then hops the other was as she puts the other sock on. The camera remains where it is as it waits for her to cross the screen again.
The camera cuts again to another point in the bedroom, still focusing on chandler. This time she is pulling on a jumper over her t-shirt. She is having difficulty. Barbie Girl remains to play.
Another mid shot of chandler as she does the button up on her trousers. She is stood by the bed post which has a scarf placed on it. Once the button is done up there is a close up of the bed post as Chandlers had grabs the scarf. Its quick. Another close up of Chandlers neck as the scarf is wrapped around.
Chandler positions herself infront of the mirror again as she holds up earings to see what they'd look like. Her head is bobbing in time to the music.

CHANDLER: 'you can touch you can play, if you say im always yours, you can touch you can play if you say im always yours.'

At this point chandler is spinning around her bedroom, the camera mid shot so you can always see from the waist up. As she does this she knocks stuff over, leaving it to fall.
The camera is placed just above Chandler as she roots around in her drawer for something, she is pulling clothes out and chucking them everywhere. Chandler finds the barbie lunchbox she is looking for.

MUM: Chandler!!

Chandlers mum calls for her from downstairs and with this Chandler hurries out the room slamming the door behind her, this slam stops the music. As the viewer we only see the door slam.
The camera is now at the bottom of the stairs as chandler runs down them.
mum is stood at the bottom of the stairs, mid shot when characters are talking.

MUM: your late

Chandler picks up her bag off the floor and slings it over her shoulder. Mum passes her a carton of milk and box of cereal.

MUM: Have a good day sweetie.. you look beautiful.

Chandler kisses her mum on the cheek and turns to walk out the door. We see her open the door from the inside and the action is matched as me are now outside. Chandler pauses in the doorway and takes a deep breath. The song ridin' dirty creeps in. (is it on chandlers ipod before hand? is she wearing an ipod) The screen pauses and as 'they see me rolling' begins to play we are bought back to Chandler who is riding her bike. This is slow motion and chandler is trying to be sexy. Still in slow motion Chandler pours the cerial into the bowl strapped to the front of her bike, she does this using over exaggerated movements. Chandler now pours the milk ontop, again with big movements. She whips out a spoon from behind her ear and goes to take a mouthful.
The camera moves around chandler, when it is the other side of her she leans down to scoop up some flowers from the field she is riding in. As she does this she falls off her bike. The camera remains in the same position for chandler to pop back into shot and collect herself. Her hair is now unkept looking.
The camera switches to a long shot of the school entrance.  Chandler is to the left of the screen as she ties up her bike. As she does this we see a smart looking car pull into the entrace carrying 3 girls. The car pulls up next to Chandler. The camera is now just behind Chandler, we can see her movements as she ties up her bike but the girls in the car are the most dominant part. The girls in the car are all smiles as they hop out fo their neat little car looking primped and primed. The girls gather in a line as they stand and watch Chandler.
Chandler looks up, acknowledging the girls presense.

CHANDLER: morning

She says this with a big grin on her face.
The girls do nothing but giggle.

BROOKE: (mutters to the others) nice ride! 

again the girls laugh.

BAILEY: (cleares her throat.)

CHANDLER: oh sorry, im chandler.

and with this chandler extends one of her arms, with a big smile on her face.......

Timeline of credits

Ice Princess

0.04- Production company logo fades in
0.13- Production company logo fades out
0.20- 'Walt Disney pictures presents' fades in
0.23- 'Walt Disney pictures presents' fades out
0.25- First actors name fades in
0.28- First actors name fades out
0.28- Second actors name fades in
0.32- Second actors name fades out
0.33- Third actors name fades in
0.36- Third actors name fades out
0.39- 'Ice Princess' fades in
0.45- 'Ice Princess' fades out
0.47- Fourth actors name fades in
0.49- Fourth actors name fades out
0.52- Fifth actors name fades in
0.54- Fifth actors name fades out
0.57- Sixth actors name fades in
0.59- Sixth actors name fades out
1.02- Other actors names fade in
1.05- Other actors names fade out
1.08- 'Casting by...' fades in
1.11- 'Casting by...' fades out
1.13- 'Choreographed by...' fades in
1.16- 'Choreographed by...' fades out  
1.18- 'Music supervisor...' fades in
1.21- 'Music supervisor...' fades out
1.29- 'Music by...' fades in
1.31- 'Music by...' fades out
1.32- 'Costume designer..' fades in
1.35- 'Costume designer...' fades out
1.36- 'Edited by...' fades in
1.39- 'Edited by...' fades out
1.42- 'Production designer...' fades in
1.44- 'Production designer...' fades out
1.45- 'Director of photography...' fades in
1.47- 'Director of photography...' fades out
1.53- 'Executive producer...' fades in
1.55- 'Executive producer...' fades out
1.58- 'Produced by...' fades in
2.00- 'Produced by...' fades out
2.09- 'Story by...' fades in
2.12- 'Story by...' fades out
2.13- 'Screenplay by...' fades in
2.16- 'Screenplay by...' fades out
2.20- 'Directed by...' fades in
2.22- 'Directed by...' fades out

Time line of own credits. 

Below is a timeline showing how our credits will appear in our opening sequence.