Friday, 14 January 2011


Chandler is small in height, with brown hair. She is querky with the things she wears and her make up is subtle. She is seventeen years old, and aspires to become popular and famous. She likes to invent things and this is how she plans to get there. She owns a decent sized house as her father is an accountant. She is in 6th form studying Science, history and maths. She is forgetful which is clear right from the beginning as she forgets that it is tab day. She likes doing homework, reading and watching vampire diaries.
Chandler is classed as a ''nerd'' at school as she enjoys her work. Her hair is tied in bunches indicating the little child inside her. We wanted these characteristics in Chandler to represent the stereotypical nerd. Audiences should be able to relate to her, as there is often this character in many schools. Chandler will not be wearing any make up as this would make her look older, and we want her to look as young, and fresh as possible.

Brooke has long blonde hair, which is neatly kept. Her favourite colour is pink and she keeps up with the fashion trends. Her make up is subtle but she like a bright lipstick. She comes from a wealthy family as her father is a politician. She is an only child. She isn't the brightest person, but she is not stupid. She tends to judge people without getting to know them, and she is the leader of the two.

Bailey has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She also has a good sense of style and is very into accessories. She wears various necklaces and bracelets, along with sun glasses and scarves. bailey was adopted when she was very young, so she never knew her real parents. This makes her character very understanding, and she often listens to what people have to say. She feels the need to fit in so follows Brooke and Bella around.

Sally is Chandlers mum, she is very laid back and as chandler is her only daughter she still gets treated like a little girl. Her mum works as a cleaner in the hospital but is determined to be promoted to a nurse, as she would love to save peoples lives.

Edward is Chandlers dad, he is an accountant and earns a lot of money, providing Chandler and her mum with a decent sized house. The pair try not to spoil Chandler, and this is why she is like she is. Not part of the popular group as she doesn't ask for much, and money is not an issue to her. The father is smart and intelligent looking. His long life ambition was to make it as a pop star, but he never made it.

Alan is the school nerd, he is a very self concious character and avoids confrontation at all costs. He is well presented, wearing a shirt and tie, along with a smart pair of glasses and big round glasses. He lives with his mum and dad in a good sized house. Both his parents have regular jobs. His favourite hobbies include; reading, computer gaming, chess and family holidays to the country.

Brad is the school heart throb. He is gorgeous looking with blonde hair and blue eys. he is also smartly dressed, but there is a ''cool'' edge to his style. He also lives with his parents but has a younger sister. They live in a large house, and his parents are both personal trainers. Brads hobbies include; tennis, golf, music and skiing. He is very confident and likes being centre of attention when it comes to the girls.

Due to a change in the storyline, Chandlers parents- Sally and Edward- are no longer needed.

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