Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mood boards

I have chosen a picture of Katie Price for the popular girls at school. I have chosen this because she is somebody that the media represent as almost perfect looking. A lot of young girls aspire to look like her. We want the popular girls to look older for their age, fake tan, and make up will help us achieve this. The girls' personality is shown through their appearance. Girls who model them selves around barbie are often seen as dumb, and nasty people. I have taken a picture from mean girls because these are the same type of girls in our film. They are wearing short clothing, and they look different to everybody else, instantly making them a threat. They appear to be more superior to everybody else. We'd like our characters to look older than they actually are, these revealing clothes will make them look more confident, making them seem older. This gives the stereotypical girly girl image that many people find uncomfortable.

We like the idea of Chandler wearing her hair in bunches as it makes her look younger. With this kind of hairstyle she will probably be seen as uncool and a bit of an outcast. Chandler is however trying to break out of this social group. We feel as though the audience will relate to this character as most schools have this quiet character that loves school. We want Chandler to look traditional but smart, she is the type of character that doesn't want to get on the wrong side of the teachers so she dresses appropriately. She will not be wearing any make up as we want her to look young, and natural looking, compared to the other girls. Her hair is of natural colour as her mum will not let her dye it.

Chandlers mum is only seen for a short period of time. When she is, she is wearing a dressing gown. We want her mum to look mumsy. She still treats Chandler like a little girl, this is obvious due to Chandlers appearance. She is very caring, and laid back. 

Props- For the cereal bike sequence, we need an old looking bike, nothing too modern looking. The cereal we will use in golden nuggets, and she will have a carton of milk. We also need a bowl and a spoon. Once she has finished eating we thought that she could suck up the milk with a long straw- so we will need straws in which we will join together. As well as this we need a barbie lunch box. 

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