Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Timeline of credits

Ice Princess

0.04- Production company logo fades in
0.13- Production company logo fades out
0.20- 'Walt Disney pictures presents' fades in
0.23- 'Walt Disney pictures presents' fades out
0.25- First actors name fades in
0.28- First actors name fades out
0.28- Second actors name fades in
0.32- Second actors name fades out
0.33- Third actors name fades in
0.36- Third actors name fades out
0.39- 'Ice Princess' fades in
0.45- 'Ice Princess' fades out
0.47- Fourth actors name fades in
0.49- Fourth actors name fades out
0.52- Fifth actors name fades in
0.54- Fifth actors name fades out
0.57- Sixth actors name fades in
0.59- Sixth actors name fades out
1.02- Other actors names fade in
1.05- Other actors names fade out
1.08- 'Casting by...' fades in
1.11- 'Casting by...' fades out
1.13- 'Choreographed by...' fades in
1.16- 'Choreographed by...' fades out  
1.18- 'Music supervisor...' fades in
1.21- 'Music supervisor...' fades out
1.29- 'Music by...' fades in
1.31- 'Music by...' fades out
1.32- 'Costume designer..' fades in
1.35- 'Costume designer...' fades out
1.36- 'Edited by...' fades in
1.39- 'Edited by...' fades out
1.42- 'Production designer...' fades in
1.44- 'Production designer...' fades out
1.45- 'Director of photography...' fades in
1.47- 'Director of photography...' fades out
1.53- 'Executive producer...' fades in
1.55- 'Executive producer...' fades out
1.58- 'Produced by...' fades in
2.00- 'Produced by...' fades out
2.09- 'Story by...' fades in
2.12- 'Story by...' fades out
2.13- 'Screenplay by...' fades in
2.16- 'Screenplay by...' fades out
2.20- 'Directed by...' fades in
2.22- 'Directed by...' fades out

Time line of own credits. 

Below is a timeline showing how our credits will appear in our opening sequence. 

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