Monday, 17 January 2011


Chandler- Bex Reynolds

This was our first costume idea for Chandler, we didn't feel as though it was quirky enough so played around with her clothes until we had something we liked. 

This is the costume we settled on for Chandler. It consisted of a floral patterned skirt, a blue velvet leotard and a cream cardigan. The mixture of fabrics and patterns creates the perfect quirky look that we were looking for. The bunches in her hair also contribute to this quirky nerd look. 

Bailey- Camilla Gill

This was our first costume idea for Bailey. Although it fit the 'popular girl' image, the weather was too chilly for Camilla to film in this outfit. So we picked something that still fit the image that was required but that allowed her to film in cold weather conditions. 

Here is the outfit we used when shooting the school scenes for the first time. Although a very relaxed jumper, the white makes it look that more ''stylish''. Camilla was also wearing a skirt that gave her the girly girl image that we were trying to create. This also would enable her to be outside when filming. We do however feel as though we could create something that fits her role better, so when shooting again we will try another outfit. 

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