Monday, 22 November 2010

What i have learnt from the analysis of my chosen genre.

I have learnt that out titles need to reflect the genre of the film. If they were plain and boring it would not suit our film type. We need something girly, this way our audience will be prepared for the type of film. The first couple of minutes need to reveal the character to the audience. We need to tell the audience as much as we can about her without making it too complicated. It also needs to grab the audiences attention and get them interested in seeing the rest of the film.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Production Company Ideas- Name/Logo

Our initial idea was to make our production company something girlie, but then decided it wasn't imaginative enough so we put the first letter of our names together and tried to get something out of that.
Jess, Camilla, Becs and Yasmin.
We came up with jcby productions but then again decided it wasn't imaginative enough. We added the first letter to our second names into the equation, giving us JCBYOGRY.
We will continue to play with these letters until we find something we like.

After mind mapping a range of ideas- using the initial of our first name we got 'b jcy' like Be Juicy. We started to play around with the letters creating ourselves a logo.

We have three fonts for the Company logo. The b is Pristina, the jcy is Juice ITC and the word PRODUCTIONS is arial. 

Yaz began to create a production logo using Photoshop CS5. She downloaded a font that she thought was appropriate for our genre/audience and used girly colours. After getting feedback from the rest of the group she started to make a second draft, making the background less busy. The colours have been washed down and a flowery design has been added to the corners. 

I created this on Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

The Pitch

We gave our pitch to a couple of teachers who gave us feedback afterwards. They thought the idea was good but we hadn't thought of the smaller detail. We needed character names and a title for our film. In terms of the pitch we should have introduced ourselves and told them what roles we were going to play when it came to the actual making of the film. This helped us when writing a more detailed pitch and will help us when delivering pitches in the future. 

Our opening sequence is going to be about a girl called Chandler who is totally oblivious to the fact that she is a loser. She is determined to become popular so decided to invent things. Determined to become the next big thing she invents the Cereal Cycle- a bike with a cereal bowl attached between the handle bars. Of course anybody with any common sense will know that the cereal will not stay inside the bowl whilst she is riding.
The opening scene will begin with her falling out of her bed and noticing her watch. She is late for school. Music kicks in as she gets ready. She hops around her room trying to get her socks on, and being her clumsy self knocks over numerous items too.
Chandler then runs and falls down her stairs. Out the front door she clambers onto her 'Cereal Cycle' beginning the journey to school. We see the cereal bowl invention in action and witness her falling head first off her bike. Arriving to school same time as the more popular girls Chandler tries to mimic them, failing epicly. 

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Production companies

Warner Bros. Pictures
American production company
The logo for this is very simple, the typography is very recognisable making the logo unique. It looks professional making it appealing to the audience. Something that looks unprofessional will not attract an audience. The font size is easy to read and the colours stand out. 

Universal Studios
American Production Company
Using the word 'universal' shows that the films this company make will appeal to a world wide audience. This logo will appeal to a variety of ages. The younger audiences will be attracted by the image of the world and the way in which the logo is animated, whilst the older audiences will like the simpleness and the way it looks very professional. 

Walt Disney Pictures
American Production and distribution company
The use of different tones of the same colour makes it look professional, just like the other two. The castle image reflects that of the one at Disney Land. It is very recognisable and you know that the film you are watching will be child friendly and most likely animated. It will again appeal to a wide audience with its use of pictures and text. The animation of the logo will appeal to the younger viewers. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Analysis of Chosen Genre

The title is very appealing to children, both female and male. The animation between the filmed shots connects to the tv series- making her a character that we already know a lot about.  It is also very stereotypical, the relationship between the brother and sister. You can tell that she is clumsy and maybe a little shy, but she lets herself go when she thinks she is alone. The camera movements are quick and the majority of them are mid shots. They are at fixed positions rather than hand held, and they are clean cut and professional looking.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Chosen genre

Our group has decided to create a opening sequence of a film with the genre 'Chick flick'.
We will analyse the beginnings of movies with the same genre and apply what we learn to our final piece.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Analysis of Title Sequences.

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

The production company for this is Nickelodeon. The logo for this is easily recognisable, It sets you up for something child appropriate. Something that perhaps both genders could enjoy. Nickelodeon also have a t.v channel aimed primarily at children aged 6-14. The logo is brightly coloured and the text is white in colour. This stands out against the orange paint splatter. The logo is almost informal and a little more child friendly. Something highly smart and formal wouldn't appeal to kids and would suggest a more serious films with complicated story lines.
The film starts straight into the story line. The beginning is quite comical. The girl is attending a fancy dress party- something most of us would have experienced in one way or another- and she is dressed as an olive. You are introduced to one of the main characters- she seems like your typical teenager. The Character- Georgia is arguing with her dad whilst walking along. When she enters the room everybody is in your typical fancy dress. You can tell by the party's expression and reactions that this film is going to be based around school life and there may be conflict along the way.
An upbeat track starts playing and we track the character running back to her house where after great struggle with her costume she tears it off and starts destroying it. Having watched the first few minutes I would want to carry on watching it to see what happens and how she changes throughout the movie.

A Cinderella Story

After we have seen the logo for the production company- in this case 'warner Bro's'- we see the production company is a very magical font accompanied by a piece of music that sounds like a flute, it build up a bit introducing more instruments. Warner bro's is a well known company, it is easily recognisable. Its biggest most successful franchise would probably be Harry Potter. Most people are familiar with this and may choose to view other Warner Bros films.
The rest of the credits are in the same font as the Production company. We swoop over hills displaying a castle. A voice over starts with 'once upon a time..' The castle fades to a snow globe and the voice over refers to real life, bringing us back to reality.
The father and daughter are very close, doing pretty much everything together. There is no mother figure around. The little girl believes that she is very lucky and believes strongly in fairy tales. The voice over is explaining whats going on whilst filling us in on other things. Her dad falls in love again and they get marries, afterwards the girl and her father are reading a story in bed when things begin to shake.. an earthquake. The father goes to save his new wife and tells the little girl that he will be right back.
The movie begins almost straight away immediately drawing you in and connecting with the little girl. We want to watch on to see how she copes without her dad.. her best friend.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

The Lakeshore Entertainment logo appears. The font for this is simple and it is white in colour. The film starts almost straight away. We see a character who is very nervous and a little unsure of what to say. We then learn that she is a new student and infront of a class telling them about herself. Its something we would all dread. We also learn what her father does and the fact that she moves around alot. She tells us her hobbies and is particularly passionate about dancing. Its her dream- she wants to go to Chicago.
The titles come over the top of a clip of dance Tv. The programme she adores. They are orange in colour with a red border, they stand out from the background as this is particularly dark. They are at an angle, a little less serious than if they were straight. Dancing is fun, energetic.
From the first few minutes we can tell that the film will revolve around this girls dreams, and that she may have a few difficulties on the way.

Character Development.

Main Character resolve. 
This is the idea that the character either changes or it doesn't.
Take harry Potter. The character Harry doesn't change throughout the movie. Once he knows his special power he immediately sets out to find out who he is and how to get rid of Voldermort. His character is very determined and his mind is set. He wont change.

Main Character Approach. 
The character is either a be-er or a do-er. A do-er is somebody who addresses the situation physically, they try to accomplish their task by doing things. A be-er is somebody who prefers to work the situation out internally- they think about it.
It is possible to be both a do-er and a be-er, either approach will work to solve a problem.
Harry Potter is very much a do-er. He knows what he wants and he is very determined to succeed. Ron Weasley however is both. Where he would prefer to not be involved but when it actually comes to it, he is willing to do what is necessary.

Main Character Mental Sex. 
This is about ways of solving problems- much like a do-er or a be-er. There are two types of mental sex- Male or female.
Take a date- Male mental sex's would see the flowers, the money spent, the good food and the time you spend together all adding up to the moment you kiss. People with female mental sex's would see the combination of music, the atmosphere, the other persons behaviour and conversations you have.
Neither point of view is right or wrong, but one carries more weight for the character and affects how they perceive and decide things.

All these points helps add a sense of being to your character. It makes the character more believable when you know how they think, and the way they do things.