Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Production companies

Warner Bros. Pictures
American production company
The logo for this is very simple, the typography is very recognisable making the logo unique. It looks professional making it appealing to the audience. Something that looks unprofessional will not attract an audience. The font size is easy to read and the colours stand out. 

Universal Studios
American Production Company
Using the word 'universal' shows that the films this company make will appeal to a world wide audience. This logo will appeal to a variety of ages. The younger audiences will be attracted by the image of the world and the way in which the logo is animated, whilst the older audiences will like the simpleness and the way it looks very professional. 

Walt Disney Pictures
American Production and distribution company
The use of different tones of the same colour makes it look professional, just like the other two. The castle image reflects that of the one at Disney Land. It is very recognisable and you know that the film you are watching will be child friendly and most likely animated. It will again appeal to a wide audience with its use of pictures and text. The animation of the logo will appeal to the younger viewers. 

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