Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Pitch

We gave our pitch to a couple of teachers who gave us feedback afterwards. They thought the idea was good but we hadn't thought of the smaller detail. We needed character names and a title for our film. In terms of the pitch we should have introduced ourselves and told them what roles we were going to play when it came to the actual making of the film. This helped us when writing a more detailed pitch and will help us when delivering pitches in the future. 

Our opening sequence is going to be about a girl called Chandler who is totally oblivious to the fact that she is a loser. She is determined to become popular so decided to invent things. Determined to become the next big thing she invents the Cereal Cycle- a bike with a cereal bowl attached between the handle bars. Of course anybody with any common sense will know that the cereal will not stay inside the bowl whilst she is riding.
The opening scene will begin with her falling out of her bed and noticing her watch. She is late for school. Music kicks in as she gets ready. She hops around her room trying to get her socks on, and being her clumsy self knocks over numerous items too.
Chandler then runs and falls down her stairs. Out the front door she clambers onto her 'Cereal Cycle' beginning the journey to school. We see the cereal bowl invention in action and witness her falling head first off her bike. Arriving to school same time as the more popular girls Chandler tries to mimic them, failing epicly. 

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