Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Production Company Ideas- Name/Logo

Our initial idea was to make our production company something girlie, but then decided it wasn't imaginative enough so we put the first letter of our names together and tried to get something out of that.
Jess, Camilla, Becs and Yasmin.
We came up with jcby productions but then again decided it wasn't imaginative enough. We added the first letter to our second names into the equation, giving us JCBYOGRY.
We will continue to play with these letters until we find something we like.

After mind mapping a range of ideas- using the initial of our first name we got 'b jcy' like Be Juicy. We started to play around with the letters creating ourselves a logo.

We have three fonts for the Company logo. The b is Pristina, the jcy is Juice ITC and the word PRODUCTIONS is arial. 

Yaz began to create a production logo using Photoshop CS5. She downloaded a font that she thought was appropriate for our genre/audience and used girly colours. After getting feedback from the rest of the group she started to make a second draft, making the background less busy. The colours have been washed down and a flowery design has been added to the corners. 

I created this on Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

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