Thursday, 10 March 2011

Audience Research Feedback

I handed out a questionnaire to 4 girls and 4 boys.
The questionnaire can be found here:

Most Popular Genres:
rom-com and chickflick
Comedy and Sci-Fi

The most popular age:
16-20 with one 10-15
16-20 with one 10-15

Watched? Own? Would choose to watch?
All had watched a chick flick, own a chick flick and would choose to see a chick flick.
All but one said to have watched a hick flick, and all of them own one whether it be their or a member of their family's.

The most popular characters:
Emo, geeks, popular girls and jocks.
Popular Girls

Issues that were expected in a Chick Flick:
  • Upset and drama
  • Typical school life
  • Romance struggle
  • Clashes between social groups
  • Issues are often resolved at the end

  • Sex, drinking and drugs.
  • Relationship issues
  • Friendship issues

This research helped us decide on what certificate our film should be. Considering there was only one candidate who was between the ages 10-15 it would be silly for us to rate it a 12. We feel as though a rating of 15 would be more appropriate.
It also helped us on who to base our characters around. All candidates expected there to be popular girls and some form of a geek. Our characters fit well into their choices as we have two popular girls, and Chandler, who is suppose to be seen as the school geek. The issues raised in our opening sequence (conflict between social groups, and drama) also matches their answers.

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