Wednesday, 27 April 2011

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The Title of the Film.
The first frame shows our title, this is displayed at the end of the opening sequence. It has been produced on a black background, and the colours kept quirky to tie in with the rest of the film. The font used is.... with a gradient of pink to blue. We looked at the titles of films like, 13 going on 30, Mean Girls and The Ice Princess. These titles has something that fit in with the genre, and a theme that ran throughout the titles.

Setting/ Location.
I have chosen a shot of Chandler jumping across her bedroom for this frame. The reason i have done this is because it shows the character in the location she spends most of the opening sequence. Although she does venture outside i feel as though it is the shot in which we learn the most about Chandler.  The Lizzie Mc Guire Movie uses several shots similar to ours, this shot in particular shows the main character in her bedroom. We can tell from the props what kind of character she is, and by what she is doing and how she acts. This is something we wanted to create when setting up our opening scene.

Costume and Props.
I have chosen this particular shot for this as it shows Chandlers costume and her 'cereal cycle', one of the props that Chandler designed herself. It shows the audience that she is quirky and sees herself as a bit of an inventor. Costume and Props are a typical media convention and are present in every film. Here chandler is wearing a scarf, leotard, skirt and a coat. Her bike is a prop, as well as the cereal she has just filled the bowl up with. The majority of Chick Flicks rely heavily on the costumes and props to show different social groups and to progress the narrative.

Camera work and editing.
This frame shows the transition between chandler moving from one point in her bedroom to the other. The reason i chose this shot for camera work and editing is because we didn't use many different shots. The majority of our shots cut to one another, this gives us a professional finish. We wanted the audience to be able to follow the narrative, so kept the editing simple.

Title font and style. 
Our title is at the end of the opening sequence. The background fades from the final scene to a black screen where the title then appears. The colours have been kept within the Chick Flick genre. A simple font is common in chick flicks.

Story and how the opening sets it up. 
I have used the shot just after Chandler falls out of bed to represent this. I feel as though this sets the audience up for the rest of the film. We are shown the main character, in a surrounding that is personal to her. This sets the story up as we can see what kind of a character she is. She has just fallen out of bed, this also hints at her personality and could suggest that there will be a comic element to the film.

Genre and hoe the opening suggests it.
For this i have used an image of Chandler dancing in her bedroom. Again this shows the surrounding, they are typically pink, a colour that people associate most with a Chick Flick film. This shows the genre most as most Chick Flicks have scenes in the characters bedrooms. It is a place that represents the characters most as it has been decorated entirely to their taste.

How the characters are introduced.
Here i have shown how the ''popular girls'' have been introduced. The scene changes from Chandler to the girls arriving at school, and locking up the car. They are much more confident, and this hints at them being a little more popular and grown up than Chandler is. The medium show used shows the Characters in the location and allows the audience to see their costumes. Their posture is straight and their heads held high.
Characters in films like Mean Girls and 13 going on 30 are also introduced like this.

Special Effects.
Chick Flicks don't really require and special effects, so for this i used the transition shot again. I would class this as a special effect as it moves the character from one place to another, in an effective way.
Special effects are more common in action and sci-fi films.

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