Monday, 4 April 2011

Shot List

Shot 1: Medium shot of Bex lying in bed
Shot 2: Long Shot of Bex lying on the floor having fallen out of bed
Shot 3: Medium shot as the camera tracks Bex gets up off the floor and walks over to the light switch
Shot 4: Medium shot of Bex as she walks over to her ipod
Shot 5: Close up of her iPod as she presses play
Shot 6: The camera tracks Bex in a medium shot as she opens the curtains and picks up her clothes
Shot 7: Another medium shot as Bex hops across the screen
Shot 8: As she hops the other way
Shot 9: Medium shot as Bex dances around in her room
Shot 10: Medium shot of Bex as she darts out of her bedroom
Shot 11: Medium Long shot of Bex a she runs out of her room and skids along the hallway
Shot 12: Long shot into a medium close up of Bex skidding down the stairs
Shot 13: Medium shot of Bex as she grabs cereal and runs out the door
Shot 14: Medium shot of Bex from the other side as she does this
Shot 15: Medium close up of Bex's legs as she hops onto her bike
Shot 16: Medium shot as she pours the cereal into her bowl
Shot 17: Close up of a puddle as she rides through it
Shot 18: High Angles Long shot of Bex riding her bike, the camera tracks her as she does so
Shot 19: Medium long shot of Bex, again she is riding her bike
Shot 20: Medium shot tracks Bex as she attempts to blow up her tires and then stand up again
Shot 21: Medium shot into a long shot of the ''popular girls'' walking into school, the camera tracks them as they do so
Shot 22: medium shot of Bex with the other girls just in view

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