Wednesday, 27 April 2011

6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project?

1- iTunes
We imported our soundtrack onto iTunes and then transferred it over to premiere.

2- Google
We collected images for research from this.

3- Garage Band 
Our soundtrack was created on this.

4- Blogger
We uploaded everything we did onto our blogs.

5- You Tube 
We used this when researching, we also uploaded all of our cuts onto this for feedback.

6- Facebook
We used this to communicate when planning filming.

The Macs had lots of programmes, many of which i'd never used before. The cameras and tripods were pretty straight forward and we didn't really have any problems with those as i'd used them before.

Adobe Premiere was the main programme we used. We learnt how to import and capture media off of the video cameras, how to cut footage and add in sound, as well as using all the transitions and sound effects. I had never exported media before so i learnt how to do this as well as uploading footage to youtube. 

Camilla used Garage Band when creating the soundtrack for our opening sequence. Camilla and Bex had created lyrics that told the story of Chandler. Camilla used ambient noises and artificial beats that were available when creating the track. After doing this she recorded herself rapping the lyrics and then changed the pitch of her voice to make it more comical. When she had created something she was happy with she exported the track into iTunes ready to use on the final piece. 

we used this website to decide in the rating of our film;

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