Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Gift

The music begins and its not your typical horror movie theme tune, its almost classical. A series of thunder sounds over lap the tune and we know that it most definitely IS a horror movie.
The camera takes us on a journey through the woods. yes.. that's right, the dark misty woods with not a soul in sight. We start to relax as the names appear and then... a flash of somebody lying on the ground appears and disappears. The camera swoops over the lake in the woods many times and I can only imagine that its going to be the centre of the film, the place where it all happens. In between the lake swooping and the murky forest are flashes of tarot cards. The name of the title suggests that the main character has some kind of gift and is going to come across a horrible fortune.

Were taken to a town where children, supposedly walking to school- are dressed up warmly in clothes that are not very modern to us. You can instantly tell that it is not a very recent film.

Anne- the lady who reads fortunes is a widow with children and earns her money by reading cards. Her first customer is kitted out in black clothes and a big black round pair of glasses. The pair talk and Anne tells the customer that she knows about her abusive partner. The lady takes off her glasses and reveals a throbbing purple bruise.

From the first few minutes or so I already have a sense of whats going to happen. I can see the lake being a common setting in this film and Anne being the vulnerable main character. She reads fortunes and one of her customers escapes to her to hide from her abusive partner. Anne will get into some sort of trouble with the partner and secrets about him will reveal themselves.

Directed by Sam Raimi.
Production companies- Lakeshore Entertainment/ Alphaville films
Budget- $10,000,000
Opening weekend- $11,827
Overall- $11,994,719

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