Thursday, 9 September 2010

Analysis of openings.

Toy Story

I like the beginning of this film because i think it appeals to all age groups. It shows the boy playing with his toys and taking it in turns to be each character. Its something we can all relate to, we would have all had toys that we played with to death. It also introduces the main characters- those being the toys that the film revolves around. The titles play over the film with a piece of music you associate Toy Story with. 'You've Got a Friend in Me'. The titles are white in colour with a dark shadow to it making it stand out from the background. The font is informal and fits the type of film its for well.
The Walt Disney logo is easily recognisable. You know instantly that the film will be child friendly and in most cases it will be animated and have an easy to understand plot. The font for 'Walt Disney' is almost magical and again is very recognisable to the production company. The castle behind the text is almost iconic to the company.

The Wedding Planner

You can instantly tell its going to revolve around love/relationships with the opening track. I love how the little girl is playing with her barbie and then it merges into real life. Its something most girls will remember doing when they were young. Women spend hours planning their weddings- its totally realistic.

Star Wars

I like the simplicity of the first few minutes. The theme tune is easily recognisable and everybody associates it with Star Wars. The text gives the audience something to do and keeps them entertained whilst setting the scene. The theme tune is punchy and keeps you aware of whats going on

Up- Pixar Movie

I really like the beginning of this movie, it tells us a lot about the characters. I like how it fast forwards through their lives and how the film begins nearer the end of his life rather than the beginning.The way the story is told really captures your attention, you want to know what happens to the old man and you want to see how he copes on his own after he looses his wife.


I like this opening because it guides you through the ocean in the sharks prospective. You hear the theme tune immediately and it sets you up for the rest of the film. It flicks between the the sea and a beach party. You know that something is going to happen. When the two characters run off you know that they are in trouble as they are now isolated and away from the party. We don't meet any of the main characters and we don't see the shark.
You want to watch the rest of the film to see how they take the girls death and over come the shark problem.

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